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Bubny TAMA Starclassic Maple:
A - 13"x10" Tom Tom
B - 14"x6,5" Snare
C - 22"x18" Kick
D - 22"x18" Kick
E - 10"x7" Tom Tom
F - 12"x9" Tom Tom
G -  
H - 14"x14" Floor Tom
I - 16"x16" Floor Tom

Snare Black Brass
LBR1465 14"x6,5"
  1 - 18" Oriental China Trash
  2 - 17" A Custom Projection Crash
  3 - 14" Z3 Custom Hi-Hat
  4 - 18" A Heavy Crash
  5 - 10" A Splash
  6 - 10" K Splash
  7 - 19" A Heavy Crash
  8 - 21" Z Custom Mega Bell Ride
  9 - 14" A New Beat Hi-Hat - Brilliant
10 - 18" A Custom Projection Crash
11 - 20" Oriental China Trash

rampa Gibraltar GRS 850 DBL + GRS 150 C
2x pedál DW5000AD3

Paličky BALBEX: Doxa model

Kick:  Performance II
Snare: Texture Coated w/Power Dot
Classic Clear Snare Bottom
Tom/Floor Tom: Force Ten

Tom/Floor Tom: Opus 87
Opus 66
Opus 53
Opus 83       

Další činely Zildjian na nahrávání:
HH 14" K session/Z Dyno Beat
Crash 16" A Custom
Crash 18" A Custom
Sweet Ride 21" A
Rock Ride 21" A
China 18" A Custom

HH 14" K
Crash 16" K Dark
Crash 18" K Dark
Ride 20" K

In-ear Sennheiser EW 300 G2, Fischer Amps Shaker Amp 400, 2x trigger Ddrum Acoustic Pro, Alessis SampleRack.


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